Roblox Piggy


Maniacs and murderers are not always conspicuous with their suspicious appearance. Sometimes the thirst for blood can be hidden under the most harmless shell. Looking at this cute pig, you will never think that in fact there are dozens of corpses on his account. But looks can be deceiving. And now your life is in mortal danger. It’s up to you to figure out how to escape the ferocious piglet and remain unharmed in this horror adventure!

It will all start innocently enough. You will come to visit your new acquaintance named Piggy. He will be very friendly at first, but the little details will make you wary. The character’s behavior will become more and more nervous and strange. And at some point in his maniac head something will click, and he will rush to chop you with a huge axe!

What to do in this case? There is little choice – run and hide or stay and fight. But given that you don’t have any weapons with you, and the axe is a rather sharp and heavy thing, it would be wise to flee. However, the pig won’t leave you alone so easily. He will chase you throughout the location, striving to crack your skull open with a sharpened blade. You must show dexterity and attentiveness not to get caught by the killer and in the meantime find a way out.

Roblox Piggy will appeal to fans of horror in general and Roblox in particular. Everything here is done in the style of pixel art. On the one hand, it becomes clear all that happens is not serious, because there can be no question of any realism when all the characters are made of cubes. But on the other hand, such grotesque visuals can even enhance the atmosphere of panic and horror at certain moments. Play against the aggressive pig and see if you can get out alive!

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