Adopt Me Unicorn


Wanna really stand out in Adopt Me! and try something totally new? How about adding a unicorn to your family? Yes, it’s a real unicorn which is one of the legendary creatures available in the game alongside the dragon and others. You can get it from a non-limited egg purchased at the Nursery. Note that you won’t be able to buy a unicorn with Robux. Probably because it’s so rare and amazing!

You won’t regret adopting this noble and charming being. A single look at this charming white horsie with a pink mane and horn is enough to fall in love with it! And when you’ll see it run and frolic around the garden or down the street, you will be really enchanted by this wonderful sight and very proud of such a unique pet. Especially if you are lucky with the neon appearance that makes the unicorn scintillate with all colors of the rainbow!

There are different varieties of this pet in the game. Aside from the usual unicorn, you can also find golden and diamond ones. There is even the evil unicorn that can be gained at a special Halloween event. Just like any other pet, it can be taught various tricks that look super cute and can entertain you a lot. While your unicorn is still small, you can teach it to sit and lay-down. More advanced commands include bounce and backflip. A teen pet can learn how to roll over. Finally, a grown-up creature is capable of dancing!
The needs of a unicorn are the same as all the other pets. You have to feed it on time, give it water to drink, wash and comb it. Since it’s an active being, it needs some space for physical activity. Make sure your pet isn’t bored and find a spare minute to play with it! Even unicorns may get ill from time to time. If that happens, you have to take it to the hospital where the doctors will cure your pet and get it back into shape. You can make great friends with your unicorn if you put in a little effort, time and of course love! Add this peculiar pet to your collection, find and hatch an egg and watch your four-legged companion grow into a beautiful strong unicorn that everyone else will be looking at with admiration!

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