Roblox Piggy 2


There are many dangerous creatures in Roblox, and it’s better to keep away from them. For example, Piggy is a cunning and very angry pig. He is somewhat reminiscent of Peppa Pig, but only outwardly. Making friends with him is out of the question! See for yourself – your hero got into Piggy’s large and spacious dwelling and he is not at all happy about it. The antagonist hates guests, and you probably won’t particularly like staying for a visit. So the matter is simple: you need to find a way out and run away without looking back. The only problem is that Piggy’s house is full of rooms and locked doors. Your task is to look for keys and sooner or later escape this damned building!


To avoid death and survive, you must find a set of items that can be used to successfully break through all the obstacles. The front door is locked with a special code and the only way to get out is to somehow deactivate the generator located nearby. For that, you need a spanner that lies somewhere around the house. After you turn off the security system, you have to take care of another hindrance – the boards that prevent you from walking out. To remove them, you require a hammer. Explore every corner of the building to discover it.

Now it remains only to deal with the locks! But they can’t be open just by any key. You need a special silver key that won’t be simple to find. Piggy probably hid it particularly carefully, so you will have to look even closer and stay alert because your enemy won’t let you go that easily. Outsmart the maniac and make your way out to the broad day light where you’ll be finally safe!

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