Adopt Me Unblocked


You’re no longer a kid, but you miss these careless times? Haven’t had your share of ice-creams and family picnics? Wanna become a little child surrounded by love and care again? This is possible in Adopt Me! The game divides a huge pool of players into two groups: one opts for being parents, the other chooses to be children. It’s up to you to pick your role. As a kid, you need to find a family that will agree to adopt you. That can be done by going to the nursery and waiting for someone to select you. Or you can go out into the streets and simply wander around the city – there are plenty of kind-hearted people there who will gladly invite you to live in their house.

Just like in other Roblox games, you can choose any appearance for your character. The customization menu includes a wide set of parameters that can be adjusted to achieve the desired look. Hundreds of faces, hairstyles and a giant selection of clothes – you can become a cute little girl with pigtails in a lace dress or a charming boy in a sailor suit. Everyone will want to have such a beautiful child in their family! Once you’re adopted, a great life will start for you. The parent will take care of your wishes and needs – that will bring coins for both you and them. Basically, you only have to study well at school and be a nice kid.

The parent part is much more responsible and complicated. The burden of caring for your children falls on your shoulders. You have to constantly monitor their indicators of hunger, thirst, health, fatigue and boredom. But don’t worry, it’s a delightful task! Completing these small assignments won’t leave you any place for dullness and will keep you busy all the time. Besides, you’ll be rewarded for being a good parent and the money you will earn can be spent on building a home of your dream. Aside from kids, you can also have pets – there is a great assortment of them, from usual kitties and doggies to legendary beasts like unicorns and dragons. In the city, you can visit various locations and meet other players that can become your friends. Enjoy Adopt Me unblocked, spend a wonderful time in this friendly and picturesque city and create a family that will keep your heart warm even when you’re offline!

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